Links to apps I have developed:

Native SDK

TWS Connect

TWS_1024-150x150Use the TWS Connect client for a simple solution to track employee punching in and out on the device, and quickly and easily export that data for review. Additionally, if you have a TimeWellScheduled Company ID, input that into the app and you can now facilitate recording employee actions straight from the app to your TimeWellScheduled Account.itunes-app-storeComing soon to Android & BlackBerry 10. 

Keycon 30 Companion

keyconandroid-512Keycon celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2013 and it was a great party!
You’re gonna need this Companion app to get information and follow along with the 2013 programming schedule, extravaganzas and other need-to-knows about this epic convention.itunes-app-storeandroid-app-storeblackberry-app-store



NerdSpotting_1024-150x150Nerds Spotted Around the World!
Have you just spotted a Nerd or a NerdMobile? Snap a photo and let the world know!itunes-app-storeandroid-app-storeblackberry-app-storeWindowsPhone_125x40_blu

Nicol Insurance

android-512Nicol Insurance has gone mobile! For over 50 years our clients have trusted us to provide them with solid insurance advice and solutions.itunes-app-storeandroid-app-store


THINQ_512Gerry Visca, Canada’s Creative Coach® and one of Canada’s top inspirational speakers releases the ultimate THINQ APP – focused on helping you live the questions to uncover a bigger part of your life purpose.
Ask the question a lot and live into the answer!android-app-store


NerdChooser_1024-150x150The NerdChooser App allows you to request service, anywhere in the world you happen to be. We’ll do our best to find the Nerd closest to you. Just run the app, provide us with some contact information, and we’ll contact you within 29 minutes.
Even better, if you happen to spot one of our QR codes, use your favourite scanner, which will direct you to where we can put you in touch with that Nerd directly!itunes-app-storeandroid-app-store


igotcrash-nerds-on-siteIt’s always stressful when you’re in a car accident, so we developed a quick and easy tool to let you gather all the important information you need to send off to your insurance agent. All the painful details are taken care of quickly.itunes-app-storeandroid-app-store


TimeBankd_1024There are 1440 minutes in each day. We spend all of them each and every day with different activities and habits… like sleeping, exercising, making phone calls, eating, etc.. Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out how we SPEND our valuable time currency – easily.itunes-app-store android-app-storeblackberry-app-store

BlackBerry SDK


TaxCode_1024-150x150Are you a frequent traveller, or sales person, and it’s tricky to keep track of the tax rates in the province or state you’re in? TaxCode to the rescue!
We determine your location (or you can search for one), and we will provide the sales tax rates of where you are.blackberry-app-store


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