A new year

Yes. It’s 2014. I have a lot of plans for this year, least of all continuing to do what I’m doing with the Employer. It pays the bills – my, but am I ever surprised that it pays the bills – but I’d like to be doing more.

Some of the things I’d like to do this year:

Launch my Education Company
Did you know I run an Education Company? For $55.00/hr, I can come to your desk, and teach you Excel, Word, PowerPoint, the Adobe Creative Suite, or for $95.00/hr, teach you App Development for iOS, Android, PHP or plain old HTML5+CSS. More on this later.

Develop Apps Independently
I have plenty of great ideas, due-diligence on the research and viability, but shot-down by the Employer. Not viable for them. No matter; I’ll come up with some way to do this. KickStarter might be able to help with me breaking away.

Learn more PHP, Rails, Java
I know enough to get things done, but I seldom complete an entire project. Not sure why. I could sure use some more experience in all of the above; plus, Java seems very interesting to me. I have enough to work my way around an Android app. But what about a Desktop App? Or a Server App? JSP, anyone?

Quit Bad Habits
Smoking, Procrastination, Senseless Spending, and being over-busy. So-long, I don’t need or want you this year.

I have a jar to save one dollar for every week that has passed in 2014. Eg, this last Friday, I have saved $1. Next Friday, I’ll toss in $2.00 (it’s the second Friday of the year). By the end of the year, the last Friday, I’ll deposit $52.00 into the jar. This should result in $1,378.00 saved. In a Jar.

Hoping I’m off to a good start.

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