iOS 7.1 Beta 3 Tidbits: Revamped Keyboard, Darker Icons, New Phone Look, and More – Mac Rumors

Hmm… iOS 7.1 Beta 3 Tidbits. I’ll go ahead and spoil it — it’ll become more accessible and less accessible, all at once. Oh, and copies at least two other platform distinctive features, including some more BlackBerry love.

You can turn off the parallax effect on the wallpaper independent of app zooming, as well. You did turn that off, didn’t you? That’s why you’ve been feeling so ill lately.

Music and Work


I definitely believe that Songza knows me and how I work. Currently grooving to a very nice trip-hop mix. Yeah, I’m retro like that. And this is good – I’m currently in working on an Attendance and Awards app. If you’re familiar with Dale Carnegie, you’ll be please with the results. This will be cross-platform; iOS, Android, and BlackBerry 10.

A new year

Yes. It’s 2014. I have a lot of plans for this year, least of all continuing to do what I’m doing with the Employer. It pays the bills – my, but am I ever surprised that it pays the bills – but I’d like to be doing more.

Some of the things I’d like to do this year:

Launch my Education Company
Did you know I run an Education Company? For $55.00/hr, I can come to your desk, and teach you Excel, Word, PowerPoint, the Adobe Creative Suite, or for $95.00/hr, teach you App Development for iOS, Android, PHP or plain old HTML5+CSS. More on this later.

Develop Apps Independently
I have plenty of great ideas, due-diligence on the research and viability, but shot-down by the Employer. Not viable for them. No matter; I’ll come up with some way to do this. KickStarter might be able to help with me breaking away.

Learn more PHP, Rails, Java
I know enough to get things done, but I seldom complete an entire project. Not sure why. I could sure use some more experience in all of the above; plus, Java seems very interesting to me. I have enough to work my way around an Android app. But what about a Desktop App? Or a Server App? JSP, anyone?

Quit Bad Habits
Smoking, Procrastination, Senseless Spending, and being over-busy. So-long, I don’t need or want you this year.

I have a jar to save one dollar for every week that has passed in 2014. Eg, this last Friday, I have saved $1. Next Friday, I’ll toss in $2.00 (it’s the second Friday of the year). By the end of the year, the last Friday, I’ll deposit $52.00 into the jar. This should result in $1,378.00 saved. In a Jar.

Hoping I’m off to a good start.